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LABOBASE® multi-user vacuum systems, chemical-resistant

Comprises a central base station with vacuum controller which provides a vacuum to multiple laboratory work stations or outlets. Outlets may either be controlled with a separate vacuum controller plus solenoid valve (even as a mobile unit) or with a manual valve as an unregulated outlet. LABOBASE® can be retrofitted into existing laboratories or integrated into new constructions. This multi-user, vacuum system saves precious lab bench space.

Pump units or base stations are connection ready; complete with chemical-resistant, diaphragm vacuum pump and appropriate fittings (see table) on a single base stand, power cable (mains connection 230V 50Hz, other voltages and frequencies on request).

Integral components
diaphragm vacuum pump with base stand, separator, condenser and vacuum controller
Description Vacuum supply point manually controlled for fume hoodschemical resistant
Flow rate l / min.
Ultimate vacuum mbar (abs).

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UNSPSC Kod 40151502 Vakuumpumpe
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